Does Top Talent always become a Top Team that delivers Top Performance?

Omar Khan 2012
Creator of Radical Action Conversations

Ever had a situation where you had top talent in your team perhaps a great track record of performance supported by great processes and a super brand, but with no results to justify these inputs.

In our leadership consulting work we have found one of the key reasons for this. This happens when top leadership does not recognize the fact that the fastest way to improve organizational results is through the key teams that are accountable for delivering that performance.

Organizations need to be strengthened horizontally not vertically, and by ratcheting up the capabilities of top teams, we can increase the value of our organizational assets ten-fold, and every penny invested, will give a hard dramatic ROI as each of these teams are in charge of strategic business results!!

Driving up business performance through our key teams require; growing our leadership throughout the team as way to driving key results, aligning teams so they can execute and get past blocks and plateaus, having an expanded concept of individual and team accountability, improving the quality of decision-making in ways that shows up on our bottom-lines and tangibly improving ‘conversational capacity’ through the ability to have radical action conversations.

Radical action conversations is the skill that will allow teams to flourish through any kind of challenge and thrive!. This is the conversation that should replace ‘dormant’ or ‘fake’ conversations that happens in pseudo teams many of the time.

The creator of ‘Radical Action Conversations’ is Omar Khan who is rated one of the Top 25 Consultants in the world by Consulting Magazine and he will share the tools and skills needed to create top performance through top teams using ‘Radical Action Conversations’ and other path breaking leadership and team excellence tools on the 28th of October in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Click here for more details.

A large number of top Sri Lankan business executives will experience this impactful half day ‘deep dive’, drawn on a decade’s plus experience of coaching and consulting for winning teams throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia, Sensei founder Omar Khan.

Omar has had a huge impact in my life and has guided me to be who I am today. I am excited about the fact he will be back in Sri Lanka after many years to reconnect with the thousand he has already inspired and to inspire many new people who will be experiencing him for the first time so that they can all learn how to enjoy a life of success and happiness.

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