A Spiritual Vacation

Vatican CityI am driven to write this piece, but where do I begin?

I start searching and gather my thoughts and feelings from within.

It’s been a dream of a lifetime to visit the holy City

It’s been a dream to take my family to the Vatican City

The day finally arrived on the 27th of July this year and we were all on our way

My Mother and the families of my brother, sister and my own wanting to see and pray

Out of the full family of twenty, there were fourteen of us on vacation altogether

Situations prevented a full quorum and we missed the family of my other brother

The first morning was in the wonderful Sistine Chappelle and Vatican museum

Followed in the afternoon by the amazing Spanish Steps and Trevy Fountain

Feeling happy and grateful to be together, enjoying this God given gift

Taking it all in with all our senses, savouring the amazing spiritual gift

Day two was a five-hour bus journey to the Shrine of St Anthony in Padua

What a dream come true to be at the shrine of a Saint so close to us everyday

Words cannot explain the feeling of being in this sacred and pure sanctuary

Hearing the word of God, Seeing the holy symbols and feeling the Spiritual energy

Our next stop was a different place of vacation

It was the City of Venice another amazing creation

After enjoying the beauty of Venice, back in the bus to Rome, another 5 hour journey

Was not felt at all as we allowed the wonderful day to sink deep into our humanity

Day 3 our final day has arrived, feeling sad as Natasha my daughter

Has to leave us in the morning to travel to Sweden on work as mentor

The long line to enter the St Peters Basilica, in the summers heat

Was not felt at all as our minds were focused on a Nobel feat

Finally in the house of the holy father, feeling the spirit in my heart and the energy of the place

Seeing the history with my eyes and hearing the word with my ears was amazing grace

Wrapping it all up was the visit to the great Colosseum of the gladiators and Kings

Marvelling at accomplishments of the past we vowed to return and explore other things

Ranjan De Silva

3rd August 2015

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