The Right Answer

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It is fascinating how we continue to look for the right answer. Perhaps it is because of schooling systems which expects us to know the ‘right answer’ in order to pass examinations. Perhaps it is because of interviews panels that expect us to know the right answers in order to qualify for a job. Perhaps it is because of management who expects us to make the right decisions to business problems.

But what is a ‘Right Answer’? Who decides its right? By what standards do we decide it is right? Who sets these standards? People come from different backgrounds, education, experiences, cultures, mind-sets etc. The variables are almost infinite. Therefore we are all unique and we see, hear, feel, smell and taste things differently. Furthermore each situation is different. Each situation is a collection of places, time of the year, people, infrastructure, concepts, brands, climate, culture etc. Again the variables are infinite.

For example lets imagine person A, who comes from a western back ground, highly qualified in marketing, holding a top marketing job, divorced, extrovert, working in a local conglomerate in Mumbai, India designing a communication brief for a smart phone, to be sent to the top 3 local advertising agencies in Mumbai. A few months later person B, who comes from a oriental back ground, highly experienced in marketing, holding a top marketing job, married with 2 adorable kids, introvert, working in a multinational company in London, England designing a communication brief for a smart phone, to be sent to the top 3 advertising agencies in Europe. Now what type of communication briefs would they come up with? Is there some theory, model or standard to evaluate if it is the ‘Right’ brief?

Perhaps a better question to ask is what’s relevant, what’s useful, what has potential given our current situation. What would it take for one to develop this mind-set? Is it creativity? Is it the courage to be different, the confidence to stand up for what one believes, even if what we recommend is different to the ‘right answer’ of someone else. Can we consider an answer as ‘Right’ just because it was written in a book, said by a person with intellect, worked in the past or written in to law?

And finally what I ‘Write’ in this blog may not be the ‘Right Answer’. Ask yourself if it works for you?

7 thoughts on “The Right Answer

  1. Murad

    Eternal thought which is well articulated. Since end of the day it is all about serving humanity, Can we grossly say that ‘right’ is what is beneficial for most of the stakeholders ( if not all) in current context?


    1. Yes that is one option, to see what benefits humanity mostly. The meaning of what most beneficial can also be different when looking form from different paradigms. What might be more value adding is to see what would be the most useful course of action to take after viewing an issue from as many paradigms as possible, knowing that it will never be perfect and also knowing that we will continue to learn to respond better during our human experience.


  2. After reading your write-up one thought passed my mind ….what is right to me may not be right for others ….and in your another write-up you said there is no wrong answer….so everyone is right and wrong at the same time…depending on who they are communicating with, same type of people with same mind-set they are right …different mind-set wrong…..what a great precipice !


    1. Great to see you connecting the various ideas and forming new ideas. In fact i think everything in our world are social constructions, constructed by someone or a group based on their reality and frame. I feel everything is in formation and is fluid.


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