The Right Answer

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It is fascinating how we continue to look for the right answer. Perhaps it is because of schooling systems which expects us to know the ‘right answer’ in order to pass examinations. Perhaps it is because of interviews panels that expect us to know the right answers in order to qualify for a job. Perhaps it is because of management who expects us to make the right decisions to business problems.

But what is a ‘Right Answer’? Who decides its right? By what standards do we decide it is right? Who sets these standards? People come from different backgrounds, education, experiences, cultures, mind-sets etc. The variables are almost infinite. Therefore we are all unique and we see, hear, feel, smell and taste things differently. Furthermore each situation is different. Each situation is a collection of places, time of the year, people, infrastructure, concepts, brands, climate, culture etc. Again the variables are infinite.

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Gearing up our children for excellence!

Family units, social infrastructure [such as our places of worship, schools, mass media and social networks] is set up to develop our children to be great assets to our world. These institutions help our children gain the right attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, values, knowledge and skills. We are Imagewho we are because of the sacrifices made by so many who have touched our lives and I am ever-grateful to them.

When I first attended the personal transformation ‘playshop’ Mastery of Self [MS] through Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] I was amazed at the tools that are available to unleash our god-given potential in a balanced systematic and purposeful manner. While I got so much out of it to make my life a success from that programme, I felt I should have attended this programme when I was leaving school or even during school.

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How do we break the chains holding us back!

I was fascinated to see the video of Susan Boyle in Britain’s got talent 2009. Since the release of this video on ‘YouTube’ there have been over 100 million views of various versions of this video so far. What fascinates so many people is the manner in which a 47-year-old, unimpressive, unsophisticated woman who was written off, ridiculed and laughed off by the audience and the judges the moment she walked on to the stage, stunned the audience singing ’I Dreamed a Dream from Le Miserables’.

This is an inspiring story of the ability we have to break the chains that hold us back. A baby elephant is tied with a chain to a tree to keep it from wandering away. Wanting to be free, it pulls the chain and finds it too difficult to break. What we don’t realise is that the elephant when fully grown, continues to be tied by the same chain. The elephant moves trees and topples rocks. Scientifically it is proven that the elephant has the strength to break the chain. But it does not break the chain that it was tied to from the time it was a baby. The reason for this is simply because the elephant is conditioned to accept the chain as unbreakable. This will continue until someday the elephant breaks that chain by accident due to external pressure or for survival.

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