How to be the CEO of Your Life

How to be the CEO of your life?

Being a CEO of an organisation is the dream of many. A great first step is to be the CEO of your own life. Ranjan De Silva shares how to be purposeful and use your unlimited potential within you, to take control of your life and guide it to growth and prosperity, as a CEO of an organisation would.

In this powerful keynote at the Dhaka University, Business Faculty, Skill Hunt event – Road to CEO, Ranjan shares simple steps to success and happiness through purposeful living. See the poems ‘Plea of a graceful women’ and ‘Determination of an extraordinary man’ at the conclusion of the talk.

The following process can help you get good value from this video:

Step 1 – A moderator (an expert from your company) to open the session, explaining the importance of the session.

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Marketers are great CEO’s in the making!

Yes, marketers are great CEO’s in the making. The level of success is dependent on the understanding of the complexity of the job and the steps that needs to be taken to get to the top.

Marketing is one of the most challenging, interesting and rewarding jobs!

The needs and attitude towards marketing is different from various perspectives; firstly the practitioner, who has taken the brunt of it, tasted the successes or licked their wounds, the practitioner’s boss, the CEO who calls the shots and the marketing consultant who brings a second opinion.

Let me speak from the vantage point of someone who has played all three roles. Firstly practicing marketing as the Marketing Director of Keells Foods & Keels Super and Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka. Secondly, in the capacity of the Managing Partner of Sensei Middle East and South Asia and the Chief Executive Officer of Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. Bangladesh. Finally, providing, strategy, marketing and leadership consultancy for companies in over 20 countries as a Management Consultant of Sensei International.

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