How is Your Leadership Health?

Leadership Health Check Quiz

leadership health check
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Have you ever wondered how the quality of leadership is? Do you base it only on your performance and feedback? Let Sensei help diagnose your leadership health with a simple do it yourself self-assessment.

To complete this Health Check, please read each of the statements and select the number in the column which most closely reflects your reaction to each proposition.

Please make a response to all the statements. Add up your total number and compare it with the results table at the end of the assessment.

The whole process should take no longer than 15 minutes and should be completed on an individual basis. Please focus on the experience with your present organisation.

Click here for the Leadership Health Check Quiz

Once done, you can discuss your findings with your colleagues who have also completed the health check. The value of this tool is in the discussion and resulting action plan, not the scores per se. Focus on any real disparity in scoring and any consistently low scores. These are the areas that for you may yield the biggest return on discussion and can illuminate the way to raising the bar on performance in your organisation.

If you would like to discuss your results, any particular aspects of the health check questionnaire or how we can help you or your team, please contact us.


Masterminds – Impacting Lives

A powerful conversation between masterminds Arthie Moore, Jan Roberts and Coach Kamrul Hasan,  all three John Maxwell certified professionals, exploring how Masterminds can impacts our success if we choose to engage with their learnings.

The following process can be used to create a learning experience for your team using this video.

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