The Forest Fire of Compassion for the freedom from Kony

As I sat down at my laptop this evening with a list of tasks to finish, I logged on to Facebook to see what’s been going on in the cyber world. I was lucky to see my two elder daughters online and started chatting with them. Both of them recommended I watch the video they had posted on their walls, Kony 2012.

So I put aside the tasks I had planned and started watching this 29.59 mts movie. It is a relatively long time for one single YouTube movie but I started watching it with many interruptions as I went on. When I started watching this there were 1,835,637 views and when I finished watching it about an hour later there were 4,285,557 views. It’s just 2 days on YouTube. By the time I finish writing this it could be 10 million! See the movie embedded below.

It bought a few tears to my eyes and awakened my consciousness to an important responsibility I have as a citizen of the world. It inspired me to write this blog with my list of tasks for the evening still pending.

The movie starts with a powerful statistic “Right now there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet 200 years ago.” It goes on to contrast this social media phenomena that helps us to see, hear and feel our loved ones and friends with the lives of an unforgotten generation of children born just like my own children, living in fear for their lives all the time. I asked myself what I can do to contribute and I realized that I had to use my god given gift of compassion, my ability to understand and my ability to communicate to make a difference for our planet.

I now have at my disposal access to over a billion people through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. The answer was obvious, let me use this powerful resource to do my little bit to contribute to create awareness among those who are linked to me and those who may not have got caught in the forest fire of compassion that is being created.

So dear friends, please join the forest fire. Share this with everyone you know so that we can make our little contribution to save the children of Uganda. Let’s make Kony the most famous person in the universe.

This is just the beginning; this forest fire can burn the evil of this world and flood it with the power of love to make this world a better place for millions of children like Jacob and for the many more generations to be born.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come; there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time is now; there is nothing more powerful than an idea that engages millions in minutes!

3 thoughts on “The Forest Fire of Compassion for the freedom from Kony

  1. Trudi Wijewardene

    Superb video Ranjan. You are great to post this. How do I post in my facebook for my facebook friends? I dont know these things. Please educate me on this.


    1. Dear Aunty Trudi,

      Thank you for your comment. If you need to post anything you see on facebook for your facebook friends you need to click on ‘share’ that appears at the bottom of that post. Then you can add any comment on the window that appears and click ok. Trust this helps. If you need more clarifications I can give you a call when you are free and guide you on the phone.




  2. Antonita Christobel Refuge

    Hi Ranjan, yeah its a sad story and we have the responsibility to create awareness and bring this to an end, and thanks for technology that we have the power to do so.

    If we feel so much, how much more God feels for these kids, for He owns the world and everything in it according to Ps : 24……… Ranjan we are fighting against the powers of darkness in this world and the only weapon is Jesus Christ and the Word of God which is a double edged sword!!!

    All evil comes from satan and satan is a defeated enemy !


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