The Courage To Fail – Path to Success

A Thought Provoking Talk by Les Brown

As you watch this video, reflect on your attitude towards failure, rejection and setbacks etc. What steps would you take to reinforce your attitude or change your attitude to enjoy success?

Emotions that Motivate you

A Power Packed Talk by Tony Robins

As you watch this video, reflect on your motivation (motive to take action). How does emotion (energy in motion) creates that motivation from within that helps us make a difference?

Getting that dream Job – 3 simple steps!

I wish I had a job at Google, I hear some cool stuff about how people enjoy themselves. I wish I had a job in the UN, I hear I employees get to travel a lot. I wish I can join the Cabin crew at Emirates, I hear they pay really well. These are the types of dreams shared with me by so many who have sought my guidance at workshops, coaching session and on the social media networks.

So let me tell you how. First of all let me tell you achieving dreams are possible and it needs a lot of patience, dedication, hard work and perseverance. Those who have those dream jobs did not get their overnight.  Soichiro Honda, the founder of the Honda motor corporation was a mechanic at Toyota when he dreamt that one day he will make his own car. He enrolled in a programme at Toyota designed to promote innovation and worked on a prototype which if accepted would bear his name with a profit share, an alternate path to making his own car. It took him 8 years of sacrifice, hardship, bombs and earthquakes to start making Honda motor cycles as a first step towards making cars. When people tell that Honda was an overnight success, he would have perhaps said, yes it is an overnight success that took me 8 years! See my YouTube video on  to hear the full story of Honda’s path to success.

Some who we think are in dream jobs are dreaming about other jobs. This is because of human nature which wants to constantly improve and do better and there is nothing wrong with that too. However those who come into the correct arena will next think of going up the hierarchy in that arena.

So what are the 3 simple steps to getting your dream job? Continue reading “Getting that dream Job – 3 simple steps!”