Living Purposefully – path to success and happiness

An interesting question that keeps getting asked by my followers and students is; why do we live? Some gone on to ask; how can we make our lives more successful and happy.

The answer lies in the ability of discovering as life changing gift we are all capable of. This blog will helps you to dive into the amazing arena and to come up with the life changing gift we all look for.

 The following story will help us unearthing this life changing gift;

 Martin and Sam lived in a tiny village at a foot of a mountain. Martin was ambitious and he had some mountain climbing skills. His level of health and fitness was above the level of an average person. Sam on the other hand was less ambitious and had not even learnt basic survival skills such as mountain climbing. They always wanted to know what was on the top of the mountain, but they rarely found the time or motivation to go up the mountain as they were so engrossed in their day to day work.

  One day they received a message from an angel that there was a million dollars on top of the mountain with each of their names on it. They had to climb the Assume Mountain within 24 hours [mid night to mid night] on a selected day within one year. They were told that in order to climb the mountain during the given time, they would have to have an above average level of health and they would need to have basic mountain climbing skills. 

Both Martin and Sam considered the million dollars an important thing to have so that they could start a business or an industry and start making a comfortable life for them selves and their families. Martin the more ambitious, skilful in mountain climbing and who was above average in health and fitness, decided to start the journey the very next ay, starting at midnight. 

Sam had to do a little more work before he embarked on the journey. Although normally he was laid back and impassionate about life, the million dollars seem to have given him a new level of life and motivation.  He set him self a target of climbing the mountain on a day 6 months away. Since his level of health and fitness was below average he consulted a physician and started following the exercise, nutrition and rest guidelines given. He would wake up earlier than usual and follow the guidelines to the amazement of is family and the people in the village. He also found a mountain climbing instructor and attended classes 3 times a week, although he had to sacrifice some of his daily non-value adding activities.

In 6 months he was very skilful in climbing mountains and his health and fitness had improved to an above average level. He was ready to climb the mountain. He started at midnight on the selected day. He was excited, he prepared himself mentally and physically and he commenced his journey.

On the way up the mountain Sam havd a fall resulting in an injury which causes some discomfort, but which does not impede his journey. Normally he would complain and stop the journey, but this time he continued his journey. On the way up the mountain he notices his friends watching the 10th re-run of his favourite television show. Normally he would have joined his friends and had fun joining his friend, but this day that didn’t stop him too.  As he went on he found the patch steep and slippery. He found an alternate path.

Both Martin and Sam climbed the mountain and collected their million dollars. They started their own business and ensured a very comfortable and fulfilling life for their families. They did not have a motivation problem in preparing for the journey and facing the challenges that came their way as they climbed, despite the two of them bring different to each other in mindset and abilities.

 Rather than dishing out the gift to you, I would like you to find it. Let’s start a discussion and share our learnings from this blog and personal experiences that can illustrate this point. I am sure the discussion will help us find happiness and success.

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