How to master yourself and win in your life

When I was first nominated for the ‘Mastery of Self [MS] through Neuron Linguistic Programming [NLP]‘ in 1995 by my employer John Keells Holdings, I never knew what an impact it was going to make in my life. When I first received the notice to attend the workshop I thought it was something to do with computer programming. I was right and wrong. I was right because it was about programming a computer. I was wrong because it was not the desk top or the laptop or the palm top. It was the neck top super computer the most powerful information processing system in the world.

I was fascinated learning about the potential of the brain. I was fascinated learning about the power of the NLP tools to release that potential. I was fascinated by the inspirational impact made on all the participants by the trainer, Omar Khan. It was not a seminar or a workshop but a playshop, an experience where we learn with fun and activity in a child like manner, exploring the wonders of our real potential and talent.

One of the gifts I received as a participant was to discover the ‘purpose’ of my life. This was a powerful exercise that helped us to write a powerful personal mission statement. My purpose is to grow to my fullest potential by helping other to grow to their fullest potential by guiding them to be better individuals, team members and team leaders. This was inspiring as the world needs it, as I am blessed with talents to make a difference, to inspire people and reach financial independence. While my purpose has changed over the past years with better clarity and bigger aspiration, the overall direction has been largely the same.

The NLP tools help us to perform better using visualizing techniques to prepare our brain, by improving our mindset and positivity through changing our physiology, vocabulary and questions to take on bigger and more interesting challenges, giving up bad mental and physical habits, eliminating the negative impact of bad memories from the past, overcoming phobias, motivating ourselves, overcoming psychological barriers, eliminating negative energy and replacing with positive energy, tapping into the unlimited potential of our subconscious mind, building instant rapport and enriching our relationships.

I have been fortunate to use NLP techniques to live a purposeful life, overcome objections and inspire people and help organizations to win, by guiding them directly in over 20 countries and through the social media channels in over 90 countries.

I am excited about the prospect of adding more value and helping more and more people to become successful.  I believe that life is not about its duration, but it’s all about its donation and that continues to energize and motivates me to live my purpose.

PS: Those interested in attending the next mastery of self through NLP playshop in Colombo Sri Lanka in November 2012 can register in the events page of this web site at

See a live presentation about using NLP to gear up for excellence done by me in Dubai, below;

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