Celebrating a spectacular 2012, filled with amazing learning and growth!

ImageWith the Mayan Calendar reaching the end of its current cycle, 2012 was eventful with the economic downturn continuing and there were many efforts in many countries around the world to get out of it. Then there were the various natural and human made disasters such as the various storms, earthquakes, wars and killings that added more burdens on the leaders grappling with the economic crisis. Political leaders had new challenges to deal with, dividing their attention between the economy and the new challenges.  There were elections in many countries such as the USA, Russia, France, Spain, Egypt and it is hoped that the new leadership will have new vision and a new mindset to solve the challenges faced by the world.

Then there were the celebrations with the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen, The London Olympics, the re-election of Obama, the launch of path breaking communication technology [Quad Core] for smart phones and tablets such as the iPhone 5, iPad 4th Generation, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy note and Windows 8. And of course the first video on You Tube to reach a billion hits; Gangnam Style!

My beloved country Sri Lanka has had many successes with the amazing development of infrastructure, beautification of cities and roads and the spectacular real estate development. The arrival of tourist over a million, the hosting of the T20 world cup and many other sporting, business and academic events had kept the country bubbling with energy. There are signs of reconciliation with the release of General Fonseka from prison and various dialogues taking place to generate understanding and reconciliation. While there are critics in all fronts as well as incidents that we can’t be proud of, I am hopeful the positive energy generated will help us face and resolve the challenges

On the personal side I successfully concluded my 3-year assignment to lead Agora Superstores Bangladesh.  My primary organization, Sensei International where I am a partner and senior management consultant helping leaders engage their teams to deliver strategic business results seconded me to Agora and it was an amazing learning experience.  Now I have been assigned to two similar assignments leading  two companies; Apollo Hospital in Bangladesh and JAT Holdings, Sri Lanka where I spend 10 days a month on the ground in each of these companies while leading them remotely the rest of the time. This I consider is an interesting test of leadership. A leader needs to be able to develop teams, culture and processes so that organizations run even without their physical presence.

I continue to consult and train for other companies in many countries, I conduct learning events and conducted the ‘Sales Master Class’ with Bob and Dave Urichuck in Dhaka in October and our signature ‘playshop’, Mastery of Self through NLP in Colombo in November. I also continue to speak at conferences and have spoken at the Asian Retail Congress in Mumbai, Agri Business Supply Chain Conference in Dhaka, and 5th Annual conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors in Colombo during the year. I am grateful for the fellow consultants of Sensei International and team members for being a great team in helping deliver our mission and live our values.

My 3 children have being continuously bringing joy to my wife and me with their achievements. My eldest daughter Natasha not only graduated in Journalism and Media at Coventry University in the UK with 1st class honours, but she also became the ‘student journalist of the year’ from all of the UK universities. My second daughter Menasha completed her first year doing a degree in Fashion design and has done some amazingly creative work and scored impressive grades. My youngest daughter Radeesha has been expressing her talent in music, dancing, singing and sports while excelling in school. My wife Jennifer has been a tower of strength to all of us looking after our needs and being there when we need her.

The world-wide web and social media has been tremendous in helping me live my purpose of helping people to become better individuals, team members and leaders so that they can add value to their teams thereby contributing to making this world a better place. I have now access to over 3000 people who are linked with me through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Over 18,000 hits on my website; www.ranjandesilva.com and over 3000 views of my YouTube videos.

I have learnt a lot, much more than I could teach over the year and I thank everyone connected with me for this. I feel extremely blessed. While looking back with gratitude at 2012, I look forward to an even better 2013.

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