Use it or lose it!

Image created by Menasha De SilvaAfter having returned to my apartment in Dhaka Bangladesh after being away for over 2 weeks, I happened to open my shoes closet and found some of my shoes I had left in the closet in a deteriorated state. I then realized I had not used those shoes over about 6 months and a line that I use in my workshops; ‘use it or lose it’ came to my mind.

There is an on-going battle between positive energy and negative energy all the time.  From a humanistic philosophy point of view, EVIL is LIVE spelt back words. Evil is anti-Life. Evil is negative energy and life is positive energy. The universe is in constant decline due to Evil forces or negative energy. This process is known as Entropy, which is the opposite of Evolution. Evolution requires a higher power that provides positive energy.

The purpose of life is to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Physical well-being requires positive energy in the form of right nutrition, exercises and rest. The absence of these will result in the decline of physical well-being.

Mental well-being requires positive energy in the form of good attitudes, creative ideas, new value adding learning, development of skills etc. The absence of these will result in the decline of mental well-being.

Emotional well-being requires positive energy in the form of emotional maturity, patience, respect, understanding, self awareness and fostering high quality value adding relationships etc. The absence of these will result in the decline of emotional well-being.

Spiritual well-being requires positive energy in the form of prayer, meditation, charitable acts etc. The absence of these will result in the decline of spiritual well being.

According to the 2nd law of thermo dynamics in physics anything allowed to fall will travel down wards towards the centre of gravity. In order to bring it back to its original position we requires a new source of energy. A waterfall flows down wards, in-order to take the water to its original position we need a source of external energy, electricity.

Psychologist uses the term Malignant Narcissism to describe Evil. Those suffering from Malignant Narcissism do not understand the concept of ‘other’. They are the only ones in their world and they consider themselves the perfect example of a human being. They hate anyone else different to them and will do everything to change others to be like them or to eliminate them. A father who insist on a son to follow his profession, a boss who insist his sub-ordinate to think and act like him, a mother who insist the daughter should marry a person of the parents choice, Hitler who wanted to eliminate the Jewish race, apartheid, ethnic cleansing etc. are all forms of malignant narcissism.

Theologians say that the absence of faith is the absence of belief regarding the higher power that created the miracle of the universe. Evil forces will provide all types of reasons for us to doubt the higher power that created the universe. Absence of faith therefore is another form of evil. However faith kicks in when we have tried everything humanly possible. The Islamic saying believe in Allah, but remember to tie the camel tells us that just leaving the camel un-tied will not make Allah prevent the Camel from running away. We are given a brain to think and a rope to tie the Camel and that needs to be used first. The Hindu term Bagawath Geetha means ‘work, the fruit will bear itself’. If we work and do what it takes we will get the ‘fruit’, just having faith is not enough, but we need to have belief that the ‘right work’ will give us the ‘fruit’. Taking the middle path according to Buddhism and taking all steps to protect our mind and body will ensure a peaceful life. Christians believe the God will take care of those who take care of themselves. So whatever faith we belong to or don’t belong to, the concept of faith is important for a spiritual life and the absence of faith is giving in to evil forces.

So it is evident from various scientific points of view that Evil exists. Evil always tries to deteriorates and destroys things, be it physical things like the shoes I talked about at the beginning, or biological things like our body and its organs, spiritual things like our being. The only way we need to protect these are by using them. Using or our physical belongings such as our personal belongings and those that have been entrusted to us etc., using our brain by continuously solving problems, crating new concepts, putting ideas into action etc., using our body by doing hard work, exercising etc., using our brain by using the knowledge and skills we have to create value for ourselves and others etc., using our mind by doing good deeds, meditation, praying etc.

If don’t use any of it we lose it. So lets start using what we have and create a positive cycle of energy that can defeat EVIL!

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