Great Communications Syncronises ‘Intent’ and ‘Impact’ and this Requires ‘Heart & Soul’

Compare the intent of your communication with the impact of your communication. If there is mismatch then surely there is conflict. Great communicators know how toImage synchronize the two and this requires us putting our heart and soul into communications. This is the powerful message delivered by Omar Khan at his learning event : ‘Heart & Soul of Real Communications’ on the 21st of January 2014.

So how do we start achieving this magical balance?

This requires us to be a students of impact of our own communication on other people and our intent of that communication. We need to use our ears to listen to the emotional impact created on the other person. We need to be empathetic. We need to see it from our soul, that is to know the positive energy it creates in the other person. Understanding of spiritual intelligence is key here.

We need to focus on non-violent communications to bring out its soul. Violent communication reflects an act of disrespect, misjudgment and diminishing approach towards the reciver of communications, the listener. However when we fill our communication with compassion, respect, value addition to the receiver with a focus on creating value for this universe we have the positive forces nourishing our soul.

Most people think they are good communicators without realizing how hard and intellectually demanding communication is. Learning to observe communications, feel the impact of communications, understand the  need for communications, avoid diagnosing and avoiding judging is essential in becoming good at communicating and this requires a nourished soul. Searching for what the receiver  need and what is felt and understanding it is an important step in developing this skill and make it a natural part of the self.

We need to know where we are searching and what we are searching for. We can find out the real meaning through;

  • Deep listening
  • Respectful Listening
  • Empathetic listening
  • Attentive listening

This will help avoid us becoming judgmental and end up analysing people and their communication too early. In fact when we judge people we express what we need or want.  Rather we should focus on identifying the observation versus needs & feeling versus requests.

Once we identify the unmet intention, we can address it with a professional approach using our heart and soul so that we create real communication that is very much required to help make this world a better place.

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