Spirituality and the Pandemic

spiriruality and the pandemic
Image Credit: Jewishboston.com

When the world started changing due to the pandemic it had a big impact on my spirituality. This blog post is to tell my story and I hope this will help you to reflect on how the pandemic affected your spirituality.

Let’s start with the question, what is spirituality? While different people may make sense of spirituality in different ways, based on their beliefs, to me spirituality is the quality of my engagement with the energy that nourishes my soul. The stronger my spirituality becomes,  I get more concerned with the well being of other living beings and my peace of mind and less concerned with  material things. The shift in priorities allows me to embrace my spirituality in a more profound way”

When lockdowns started and air travel was restricted, I was compelled to stay in Bangladesh at a friends home until an opportunity arose for me to flyback home to my family in Sri Lanka. This is partly materiel need to be safe and and emotional need to be with my family. However knowing that it was beyond my control, I found it easy to accept reality, perhaps due to my regular spiritual practice throughout my life. The nature of practice had changed during various phases of life but my spirituality was nourished.

I used to pray once a day before the pandemic it increased to three times a day. My prayers became more mindful and deeper. My meditation and yoga practice became very regular and intense with a daily ritual. Listening to and helping family, team, clients through conversations and electronic means became regular and I responded to such needs unconditionally.

Amazingly during this period I was peaceful and content. I did not have anxiety and stress about not being able to go back home and the financial challenges. I felt peaceful and happy with purpose and meaning in my life. Perhaps my spiritual nourishment during my life time and my intense spiritual practices during the pandemic may have contributed to this.

A question that comes up is; was the pandemic in someway designed to enhance the spirituality of human beings? What do you think?

I wish you purposeful living.

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