Being a Point of Light

Points of Light – By Randy Travis

When you see what’s wrong and try to make it right, you become a point of light.

As you listen to this song, reflect on the times you were a point of light, when others were a point of light for you and when you could have been a point of light. Write down situations in your life that you can and you will be a point of light to make this world a better place.

Songs for Growth

Point Of Light

It had been a lonely holy week for me this year in Dhaka away from my loving family. As I left my apartment for the Easter vigil in the beautiful church nearby, I remembered   that I need to take a candle with me for the Easter blessing.

The previous year I went to church hoping to buy a candle there, but I could not find one. As I was following the mass and when the light was being shared from the Easter candle, a gentleman who was next to me offered me a candle. I did accept with gratitude, thanking god for the gift.

As I was pondering where I could buy one this time, I remembered I had a bundle of new candles in my apartment which I had purchased to use for the ‘point of light’ exercise I conduct during my ‘Mastery of Self’ playshops’ [We name our training workshop, playshops, due to the childlike atmosphere we create to speed up learning in a fun manner].

When I reached for the candles, something told me I need to take two candles, not just one and I know it was my inner need to pay back the favour I received last year.

As the light was been passed in church today I looked around but did not see anyone without a candle and a tinge of disappointment went through my soul. After receiving the light I turned to the gentleman standing to my right  to pass on the light and low and behold he did not have a candle with him. I offered him the extra candle I had and the joy I felt is unexplainable.

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