Experiences and insights during my journeys to guide business leaders – in and out of work!

I have been learning a life time and this has really accelerated over the last 14 years as a leadership and team development consultant, coach, catalyst and trainer. While I have resisted blogging all this time to avoid adding to the clutter, I have been inundated with requests for my blog. The requests have sky rocketed after I uploaded the video of one of presentations in Dubai at the ‘Unleashing your DNA’ seminar, where I spoke on the topic; ‘Gearing up for excellence’. There have been almost 500 views of this video in 2 weeks.

My work takes me to many countries and I am blessed to meet people from many cultures, stay in various hotels, see new place and eat in various restaurants. These travels and teachings give me many experiences and insights and I wish to share these with those I am blessed to interact with.

Just in the month of December I spent the first week in Bangladesh on my CEO assignment [more on that later], then I was in Bangkok guiding the Novartis Asia leadership team in their journey of becoming a high performing team. Then I was back in Bangladesh for a few more days before going to Bangalore to speak at the HR summit. Again I was in Dhaka for a few more days before going back home to spend Christmas and New Year with my family. I will start writing about these experiences and insights in the next few blog posts and the journey will continue, hopefully with a lot of fun experiences and insightful learnings.

I’m a Sri Lankan by birth, officially based in Dubai, spending a lot of time in Dhaka at the moment, family in Sri Lanka with my eldest daughter studying in the UK and I live a lot of times in an aircraft, airport or a hotel room somewhere in the universe.

My company Sensei International helps leaders and teams to improve strategic business results through improving human performance. This started off as an idea of my senior partner Omar Khan and I joined this amazing organization in 1998 after early retirement from corporate life at the age of 35, after being a Director of two of the subsidiary companies of John Keels Holdings, a leading conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

Life is a journey and these journeys are sweeter for teachers like me. The journey is more valuable when more people can learn from the experience. I invite you to join my journey, savour the experience and insights of my journey and share yours with me too.

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