My first personal website …. finally!

While my details were in the Sensei International website all these years [and it will continue], I have now done my own website that will help build my personal brand. I have had 220 visits to the website in the first 24 hours and half of them were through Facebook. Thank you for the interest shown in my website. Please visit my website and remember to follow my blog in addition to watching videos, reading articles, checking out the photos of my work [to be loaded], checking out what my clients tell about me etc. I will also be loading more articles, audios, videos etc. I welcome your feedback and would like to use this to share ideas for the greater good of people. Wish you Excellence!

One thought on “My first personal website …. finally!

  1. Ayesha Shibly

    Indeed a great . So much to learn. Elephant story is so meaningful and what a heavy hidden lesson. Specially the famous word ” Don’t” when dealing with children. A simple lesson on taught on negative thinking.


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