Celebrating the life of the father of a genius!

I was saddened to see an email from my business partner, friend, brother and coach, Omar Khan this morning about the loss of his father. I feel for this loss personally as I love and respect Omar and I know Omar’s father had a special influence in making Omar the genius he is.

Unfortunately Omar could not be by his side before his death or attend the funeral as he was in the United States when his father passed away in Pakistan. There was not enough time for Omar and his wife Leslie to get back on time for the funeral as the Islamic traditions require burial within 24 hours.

I can imagine the pain Omar’s mum is going through after losing her sister twin 10 days ago and now her husband. It may also be tough for her not having Omar by her side. I can also imagine what Omar may be going through, not been able to bid good bye to his father and not been able to be there.

I am sure Omar’s dad, former diplomat Najmul Saquib Khan was one of the proudest fathers ever, seeing what Omar has achieved. I met him only a few times and I enjoyed meeting him every time. I remember him attending the Tom Peters seminar in 2000 where I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Tom. Later I heard from Omar how impressed he was with my presentation at that event, a comment he rarely makes. This comment has given me confidence in helping make me who I am today and I will cherish this forever.

While we grieve his transcendence we must remember to celebrate his life for a million reasons.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the life of the father of a genius!

  1. Gerald

    Ranjan, you have clearly expressed the sentiments of all of us who cherish the friendship of Omar as well as benefiting from his genius, and had the opportunity to meet his parents too.

    The late Mr Najmul Saqib Khan was a brilliant man of great stature who made an immense contribution to his country, society & to the world in various capacities as an Ambassador, a much sought after advisor on global perspectives, interaction with the world’s leading minds, and contribution to World Bank seminars & leading journals & newspapers, amongst a host of other achievements.

    He ably mixed intellectual capability and learning, a commanding presence and voice, with charm, courtesy and the ability to connect to individuals. I enjoyed the few opportunities to chat with him, as he made a memorable impact.


  2. Haris Ahmed

    Ranjan, Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet Omar’s father, but have heard a lot about him through Sensei colleagues. It seems that he had the rare ability of impacting people’s lives in a positive way. May he rest in peace and his loved ones find courage to bear the loss.


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