Purpose of Living – Part 9: The Action Logics (pre-conventional) Viewpoint

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Pre-conventional Action Logics

We explored the notion of purpose from the viewpoints of Abrahamic Religions, Eastern Philosophies, Early Sciences, Modern Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology & Ecology in the last few blog posts in this series. Let’s now have a look at this notion from an ‘Action Logics (pre-conventional)’ viewpoint.

Let’s first try to understand the notion of ‘Action Logics’. It tries to explain the ‘logic’ behind the ‘action’ we take. Most action is based on decisions unless it is spontaneous. If decisions are well thought out and rational, they could be based on an intention, reason or purpose. This shows that actions can be based on a reason or purpose.

Therefore, the logic behind decisions we make that determine actions we take, could have an impact on the quality of the decision and the resultant action. The notion of action logics[1] has some potential in understanding this phenomenon.

The developers of the ‘Action Logics’ model proposes two broad categories of Action Logics: pre-conventional and post conventional. According to a research study in the USA of 4300 plus adults, it was found that 85% belong to the pre-conventional group. While it is difficult to define pre-conventional, to me it seems like those who are more materialistic, achievement oriented, less mature, younger and competitive would fall in to this group. Let me try to make sense of the four pre-conventional ‘Action-Logics’ in relation to purposeful living. Continue reading “Purpose of Living – Part 9: The Action Logics (pre-conventional) Viewpoint”

Celebrating the life of the father of a genius!

I was saddened to see an email from my business partner, friend, brother and coach, Omar Khan this morning about the loss of his father. I feel for this loss personally as I love and respect Omar and I know Omar’s father had a special influence in making Omar the genius he is.

Unfortunately Omar could not be by his side before his death or attend the funeral as he was in the United States when his father passed away in Pakistan. There was not enough time for Omar and his wife Leslie to get back on time for the funeral as the Islamic traditions require burial within 24 hours.

I can imagine the pain Omar’s mum is going through after losing her sister twin 10 days ago and now her husband. It may also be tough for her not having Omar by her side. I can also imagine what Omar may be going through, not been able to bid good bye to his father and not been able to be there.

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