Unlocking Sales Potential – Exploring the resources available in inner-space

If I tell you that you can fly, would you agree with me? This is the first question I asked the audience at the Sales Master Class at The Radisson Blu Water Garden In Dhaka Bangladesh on the 20th of October, when I started presenting at the day event, ‘Unlocking Sales Potential’. There were some instant ‘yes’ answers and a few others said ‘no’. The point made by this question was to get the audience thinking about the unlimited potential we are blessed with. With the realization that we can fly in an air craft and aircrafts been made by people using god given brains and resources opened up the minds in the room to the possibilities yet untapped.

This helped me to get the audience thinking about the concept of ‘stretch targets’. Stretch targets are targets set by us to help stretch our imagination. A ‘stretch target’ is a normal realistic [based on current limiting beliefs] multiplied by a figure from ‘2’ to anything we like. The audience started picking numbers from 2 to 10 resulting in various emotions in the room from excitement, skepticism, fear, possibility etc.

The next lesson was about the ‘how’ to get to the stretch targets and I introduced the concept of the ‘20’s Club’. We start with the 20’s customer club, the top 20% of our customers who give us 80% of our sales. Then we have the 20’s products club, the products purchased by the top 20% customers. Next we have the 20’s farm customer club. These are the top 20% of customers in the list when we are achieving our stretch targets. And finally we have the 20’s farm products club, the products that will be purchased by the 20’s farm customer club.

The idea is simple; we need to have a new set of customers and products if we are to achieve those stretch targets. We need to act now by giving 80% of our time to the 20’s customer and product clubs and 20% of the time nurturing the 20’s farm customer and product clubs.

I next introduced the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] and shared some tools that will help sales man be more successful. These tools include;

  1. Inculcating the right mindset for sales success by using the right physiology, vocabulary & questions.
  2. Maximizing potential through visualizing success, silencing the negative inner voice and focusing on the process.
  3. Building instant rapport through pacing and leading.

The rest of the day continued with Dave Urichuck sharing the importance of the right attitude and behavior required for sales success and Bob Urichuck sharing the importance of the right competencies and discipline for sales success that consists of the powerful velocity selling system.

For images of the event click here

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