Simple Steps to Achieving and Maintaining World-Class

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I had the privileged of listening to a webinar by Robin Sharma titled ‘Treats to being World-Class’. He shares 8 points. I am happy to provide the ‘How to’ for each of those threats for those working on achieving ‘world-class’ and those who are already ‘world-class’.


  1. Disbelief – We can over come this by reading our purpose and visualize we have achieved what we set out to achieve everyday and celebrating all successes – even the small ones.
  2. Distraction (broken focus syndrome) – We can overcome this by switching off those mobile phones or by keeping them on silent mode. Check it once every 40 mts and respond to missed calls and messages. Focus rest of the time on a specific task as per our priorities. We must change focus by switching to another task every 40 mts. So that we rejuvenate the part of the brain we were using while using a different part for the new task.
  3. Complexity –We can overcome this by looking for simplicity, having a minimalist mind set, focusing on a few important things and having everything we need to do on a ‘Getting things done list’ that needs to be updated everyday.
  4. Under capitalization (How much of our potential do we actually use – what do we do with what we know?) – We can overcome this by digging deep into our memory and information stored in our hard drives when we work on tasks. Taking on new projects and stretch projects also helps capitalize on what we have.
  5. Threat of reaching ‘Good enough’ – We can overcome this by pushing ourselves to do better. Ask ourselves, ‘how could I have done this better?’ even when we had done an awesome job that received sincere compliments and standing ovations.
  6. Talent depletion – We can overcome this by learning something new and teaching what we know every day.
  7. Loss of longevity – We can overcome this by re-fuel ourselves with good sleep at night and energizing breaks during the day, exercising daily and eating the right food.
  8. Reputation deterioration – We can overcome this by maintaining the quality of delivery with great understanding of customer needs and great preparation. Lets do things that those around you will approve and be proud of.


We are all born to be world-class, lets use these simple steps to get to world-class and maintain world-class.

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