The New Year and the New You!

New Year 2016We all look forward to the New Year and celebrate it in different ways. There are those who clean up and pain their houses to give a new beginning. There are those who wear new cloths as the New Year dawns. There are those who go to a place of worship and take part in religious celebrations to usher in the New Year. There are those who eat, drink and dance at hotels, home or parks to usher in the New Year. There are those who stay at home and do traditional rituals such as boiling a pot of milk for good luck. There are those who do not do any of these or sometimes don’t even know it’s a dawn of a New Year. Whichever group you belong to, it is interesting to reflect on the deeper change that happens in you during the transition in to the New Year.


New Year is about renewal. When we renew ourselves we eliminate accumulated negative energy and replenish ourselves with positive energy. That’s what exercises, a shower, a make over, an inspirational reading, an authentic conversation, a paying off a loan, waking up after a refreshing sleep, meditation etc. does to us. It gives us new fresh positive energy that helps us get a new start. Perhaps that’s what New Years do t us.


There are certain things in our life that does not change, while we renew ourselves;


It’s a New Year although it is another day

It’s a new vision although it’s the same purpose

It’s a new attitude although it’s the same mind

It’s a new passion although it’s the same heart

It’s a new you although it is the same face


Have an awesome 2016 … May it be the best of your life!


Ranjan De Silva

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