Find Purpose & Let Money Find You

Relationships & moneyAfter having arrived in Dhaka with a packed schedule of coaching, facilitation and consulting assignments for multiple clients on the 14th of March, I suddenly found myself having to make some decisions on how best to respond to the universe who decided that we need to change the way we operate.

With some companies postponing  the scheduled sessions, free time was opening up. What do I do with this time? It takes time to sell the time and right now most of my clients were fire fighting, figuring out what they need to do. Therefore I decided to be available to them.

I started messaging and calling my clients, inquired how they are doing? I provided ideas and guidance to some clients who welcomed it. Some others said that they have figured out a course of action and would contact me if and when required. For some clients I offered anxiety releasing sessions, strategic guidance and leadership inputs individually or for large groups.

Reflecting on this decision the question that came up is; is this purposeful activity? My purpose is to inspire others to live a purposeful life based on their own evolving realities, beliefs, values and methods. I consider this action purposeful because it showcased to my clients the importance of care, compassion and helping others during such challenging situations. Perhaps this action might have helped them look at their teams, families and other stakeholders with a similar attitude and take appropriate action.

It also helped me to build relationships, learn about practical realities of people and develop skills in guiding people & organisations in crises. In order to get the strength to do this work online, being away from the family and staying indoors most of the time staring at a computer required having peace of mind. This prompted me to be more regular and focused in my prayers, meditation, yoga and exercise which provided spiritual nourishment, emotional stability and physical well being.

While this decision and action  was being purposeful in spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, physical, societal and temporal spheres, it did not have an immediate direct impact financially. However a few days later some clients in industries not affected started assigning paid work. Now, three months later, I find myself spending more of my time on paid work while I still continue to help those who need help.

This has helped me to further strengthen my belief that while money is important to live in a world structured the way it. is, money is an outcome of purposefully living and giving in the other spheres of life.

purpose quest-1


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