Purpose of Living – Part 15: Purposeful Choices


purposeful choices
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We explored the notion of purpose from various viewpoints in the first ten blog posts in this series. We then started making sense of our purpose in the last four blog post. I invite you to now reflect on the third aspect in the model of purposeful living– The choices (the orange colour circle in the model). While this is the third circle, in real life it can happen anywhere in the nine steps; it’s not chronological in real life.

This aspect deals with making choices once we have a glimpse for the beginning of what our purpose might be. When I had a glimpse of my purpose 22 years ago, I made choices such as finding opportunities to improve my knowledge regarding personal development through Neuro Linguistic Programming and organisational development through continuous improvement by reading and conducting training for my team at Keells Super, and attempting to apply this knowledge in my work and personal life. I started organising public workshops in Sri Lanka featuring Omar Khan of Sensei International, who opened my eyes to see this new world, so that more people can benefit from his gift. I started spending more time with my family because helping them grow and see them grow gave me joy. They are the oxygen that energized my flame. These choices were relevant to my purpose, which was about helping myself grow to my fullest potential by helping others to grow to their fullest potential. I started going to the gym regularly as I wanted to keep my body in shape so that I am fit to do purposeful work. I started to pray and meditate regularly and felt peace of mind. I also started to be more helpful to others thereby building high quality relationships. I knew all these were in some way connected to my purpose as I really felt good doing it. Continue reading “Purpose of Living – Part 15: Purposeful Choices”

Paradigm Prisons in to Paradigm Prisms

Paradigm Prisons to PrismsWe are one of seven billion people in this world and each one of us sees the world from our own paradigm. This short blog post will examine the dangers of getting imprisoned in a paradigm and the benefits of becoming a prism as prisons are restricting and prisms are reflecting.


For example, when it comes to a decision of buying a family car, each family member would look at the decision from a different paradigm. The father might look at technical performance and fuel efficiency, the mother might look at the spaciousness and colour scheme, the teenage son might look at how classy it looks and how fast it can go and the teenage daughter may not care about any of this. When each family gets prisoned in their paradigm, they will not be able to come out of it to look at the decision from other paradigms, leading to possible misunderstandings, conflicts and even permanent damage to the quality of relationships.

Therefore the question is, how do we get out of the paradigm prison?

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Using 2014 to energize us for an amazing 2015!

Learnings from 2014
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We are not equal to our past; we are the resources we bring forth. Yes, the past is gone, we need to leave it where it belongs, and however we need to also take the resources from the past to energise our future.

We all started the past year with fresh hope for our families, our teams and ourselves. We planned to make the New Year the most spectacular year of all. Some of us were able to build on success and continuously improve to achieve and even surpass what we set out to achieve. Some others may have started off with great plans and found it fizzle off really fast.

The best we can do is to derive energy from the last year to gear up for a great 2015. This requires us building on the successes and take learning’s from areas that could have been better.

Given below is a few simple steps that can help you to gear up for an amazing 2014.

This can be done individually, as a family or with your team.

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Valentines day Everyday!

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Love is the act of extending ourselves to help others or ourselves become the best they/we can be even if it is inconvenient to us.

Love is helping ourselves or others understand the real potential, the purpose of life and to ignite the passion to live life to the fullest.

A mother feeding her child the best of food is performing an act of love as she is helping the child grow. A father working day and night to send the child to school is performing an act of love as he is helping the child grow. A young man maintaining a disciplined exercise regime is committing an act of love as he is helping himself grow in health. A man patiently listening to his lover when she is confused about life is performing an act of love as he is helping her reach clarity.

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Love is for giving, that’s why we should be forgiving! – my valentines day thoughts!

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It is great to have Valentines Day, the same way we have mother’s day, father’s day etc. While many commercial enterprises have used these days to make money, it at least reminds us to express our love to our loved ones, at least once a year.

But why celebrate such important days once a year? Why not every day? Why not make every day Valentines day, Mother day, fathers day and perhaps a few new important days such as reach out to enemy’s day, make up with fallen out friends day, get in touch with old friends day etc.

While Valentines Day is about celebrating love by giving surprises such as gifts & visits and special dinners & cruises it is will be great not only to ‘give’ but also to ‘forgive’. After all, love is for giving and that’s why we should be forgiving.

Forgiving is tough if we hold on to the past hurt and pain. Sometimes it is our ego that won’t allow us to forgive. Holding on to the bitterness only creates negative energy in us as we carry those negative feelings in us. Accepting that we are all human, we are not perfect and we all make mistakes helps us in the forgiving process.

Forgiving helps us to repair relationships and therefore it is beneficial to fostering quality relationships, or closure so that we can rejuvenate relationships or move on with confidence.

When the almighty god always forgives us, why not we take a cue and follow suit.