Letting Life Flow

Image Credits: Inhabitat.com

How time flies. We are upon the final month of 2020.  

This year we learnt that plans are nice to have but our plans are so insignificant when compared to the plans of the higher powers; be it God, Universal energy system or nature. 

We learn that we need to deeply understand and respond to the plans of the higher power so that we synchronise, rather than fight those plans, causing anxiety, stress and a multitude of negative behaviours. 

I decided to take a break from social media, blogging, tweeting and newsletter writing in October (2020) and I decided to have only a weekly blog post and very limited time in social media from November. I allowed beingness to guide me and I ended up writing only 2 blog posts for the month. As I started writing my monthly newsletter, I felt that this message needs to be shared with my blog and social media follows and therefore this will become the third blog post for the month (as against a daily blog post during the past 8 months. I believe this is an example of allowing the higher powers to guide me, rather than trying to act as per what I feel is ‘right’. 

The month of November has been quite relaxed as well as productive in both the personal and professional aspects. On the personal side I enjoyed engaging in improvements, in my relationships, home, health, personal finance and studies. On the professional side I enjoyed delivering transformational process for clients which added value to them, doing some free sessions to help those who need them, streamline work processes and developed business for the future. I feel fulfilled reflecting back on the month gone by. 

These reflections make me realise the importance of holding my plans lightly with willingness to understand the need to adjust them so that I synchronise them with the plans of the higher powers.

I wish you a happy and successful completion of 2020.

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