Developing Values

We inculcate values during our formative ages, influenced by family, teachers, religion and the society we live in. I always found it is difficult to ‘train’ people to live values as they are already part of each person. I also agree with the above quote by Jennifer Cruise; values do not take us get anywhere, they define us. Therefore what is the point of having values in an organisation and developing team members to live by organisational values.

I would think it will help them be conscious of such values and be aligned, thereby creating a conducive work environment where people enjoy coming to work. However, it is a complex problem because each team member in the organisation brings with them acquired values and it is a challenge to align all of them behind the values of the organisation.

One solution to this problem is to ensure we hire people who process such values to a great extent. This is also complex as those who are best suited for the job in terms of competencies may not have the required values in them. However I find it better hire those who have a better value match, minimum competencies and potential to learn, as it is easier to develop competencies than inculcating values.

The collective values of the team members define the organisation values and therefore culture. I hope this is useful to reflect and define yourself through your values and thereby contribute to the values and culture of your organisation.

Wishing you purposeful living

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