Better Team Leadership with ‘Adult’ Ego state!

adult-300x164Transactional Analysis [TA] introduces the fascinating concept of the 3 ego states in us: Parent, Adult & Child. While TA is used extensively in relationship therapy, it is a powerful and potent tool for improvement of leadership.


The ‘Parent’ ego state has a positive side and a negative side. The positive side is nurturing and protective. The negative side is uses fear and force to control and is cynical. The ‘Child’ ego state also has a positive and negative side. The positive side is fun loving and carefree and the negative side is being a victim, looking for approval and whining. The ‘Adult’ state is the more mature, rational, long term, restraining and professional.


TA therapist recommend that we should develop an adult value system and be in that ego state as much as possible for more healthy relationships. Creator of TA Eric Berne in his book ‘Games People Play’ illustrate how two individuals get into a pattern of behaviour and continue to be in that pattern. These are referred to as ‘Games people play’. There are many games and they will continue if they are complimentary even though they may not be productive or healthy.


Let’s see how the ‘Adults’ ego state helps better leadership.

This is a conversation between ‘Tom’ and his manager ‘Joe’.

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Valentines day Everyday!

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Love is the act of extending ourselves to help others or ourselves become the best they/we can be even if it is inconvenient to us.

Love is helping ourselves or others understand the real potential, the purpose of life and to ignite the passion to live life to the fullest.

A mother feeding her child the best of food is performing an act of love as she is helping the child grow. A father working day and night to send the child to school is performing an act of love as he is helping the child grow. A young man maintaining a disciplined exercise regime is committing an act of love as he is helping himself grow in health. A man patiently listening to his lover when she is confused about life is performing an act of love as he is helping her reach clarity.

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