Abundance Magnet

Abundance Magnet
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Last week I started this series,’Purpose Quest’ to illustrate with narratives of how we search for purpose. We explored the question, Are we Searching for Purpose or is Purpose Searching for us?   Today let me focus on one aspect of the story that I wrote last week, attracting abundance.

Once the various social distancing norms were coming in to place and clients started postponing the various sessions that were planned, I was concerned about its impact on cash flow for my organisation and family. Therefore  while starting to engage with government authorities in getting myself home and ensuring that my family back home in Sri Lanka was safe and comfortable, I started reflecting on the situation related to my practice.

While there was some anxiety with regard to the situation, I was able to release such emotions using Releasing Techniques that I was learning and teaching since October last year. I will write about how releasing helped in an upcoming post. After having released the anxiety, my reflections reminded me of three principles and beliefs that could help; ‘God does not give challenges we cannot handle’, ‘focus on the process and let the outcome take care of itself’ (the 3rd principle of Mastery we teach during our Mastery of Self – NLP learning sessions) and ‘give and you shall receive’.

So what steps did I take and how did it turnout? 

As I focused on the process, I first looked at the measures taken by banks, engaged with them and agreed on certain steps to ease cash flow challenges. These steps were successful as I approached the banks with a ‘released’ mind. I also decided to be more focused in the ‘releasing’ practice and made it a ritual to practice ‘releasing’ during the day while being more consistent in prayer, meditation, yoga and exercises. All this helped me to be happy, peaceful, focused and decisive during perhaps the biggest challenge I had faced in my life.

Secondly, I connected with my clients to understand their reality and to explore how we can be of help. Some of the clients decided to conduct the in-room sessions which were scheduled, online. Others decided to re-visit the situation in a month or two. In order to help our clients, we came up with a Crisis Response Strategy Process and offered it to our client free of charge and for other organisations at a very nominal fee. I continued to give without any expectations of a return by sharing all my learning videos and poems online. My monthly Blog Posts was converted to a daily post. My monthly Newsletter was converted to a Weekly Newsletter. All these activities not only boosted my online presence, it helped connect with more people and kept me purposefully occupied.

With a view of continuously adding value I wrote articles for the newspapers, promoted articles written by my Senior Partner Omar S Khan, took part in online panel discussions, got involved in the Rotary project, ‘stop the spread’, got involved in the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)’ project, Re-Start Sri Lanka and engaged with policy makers on how to keep the economy sustained while dealing with the medial aspect of the  pandemic.  I was also invited to become a member of SACAC (South Asia Corporate Advisory Council), a think tank to research and advice governments in the SAARC region on disaster prevention and response. All these activities resulted my working almost 16 hours a day over the past 12  weeks, feeling purposeful every moment of my being.

While engaging in al these activities, my team at Sensei Decided to take our signature programme, Mastery of Self – NLP, online. The entire 7 day ‘Mastery of Self’ in-room playshop was re-designed in to  Mastery of Self – NLP Online , offered in three levels, Expert, Achiever and Intellectual, each level consisting of 10 weekly 2-hour sessions. We conducted a global tour of webinars organised by our partners in Maldives, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Dubai, UK, and Australia. This process resulted in us starting the first ‘Mastery of Self’ online batch with 55 participants from 11 countries on the 30th of May. Given the encouraging response, we decided to start batch 2 and 3 on the 19th and 21st June. 

 The sense I make from this narrative is that the universe will give us opportunities to meet all challenges as long as we are willing to trust the grand plan of the universe and take purposeful action. I use the term universe to describe the higher power, which can be made sense based on your own beliefs, eg: for the religious it is God or Allah. Being purposeful, which is about using our talent and resources to be of service to the process of life, makes us become ‘Abundance Magnets’.

I invite you to reflect on your reality and the purposeful action you already took and the action you choose to take now to convert this pandemic in to paradise by  become an abundance magnet. Reflect on the baby steps you need to take to invite the abundance, happiness and success waiting to come in to your life.

I wish you purposeful living!

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