Purposeful Living through Releasing – Purpose of Living – Part 32

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After having been a student and teacher of how to master ourselves by living a purposeful life and programming our own mind, for the past twenty five years and believing that this is one of the best methods available to help us live a happy and successful life, finding ‘Releasing’ (or did Releasing find me?) has opened possibilities I thought never existed.

Sometimes opportunities find us when we welcome them. And perhaps it was one such serendipitous moment when my guru Omar Khan, who helped me find purpose and live purposefully about 25-years ago, offered to conduct the ‘Releasing Discovery’ workshop. Releasing, also presented under the rubric of The Sedona Method (same methodology with a different presenter), has been hailed by people like Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, was showcased in the best-selling The Secret, has been the subject of numerous testimonials from leading authorities like Dr. David Hawkins, Michael Singer and others in terms of being an exemplar of “inside out” breakthroughs.

The founder and originator, Lester Levenson, was considered a true “living master” and perhaps the only “realized master” from the West, who found a way to bring the wisdom of Eastern approaches, and render them practical, accessible, and both teachable and learnable without going to an ashram, or detaching from life. Omar has been working with some its next generation pioneers and leading teachers over the last several years, and has created a wonderful immersive introduction to it.

At the age of 42, Lester Levenson; a businessman, who had been a physicist, was given two weeks to live. He went home to die, and decided to delve into the essence of life, en route to leaving it. Instead 3 months later, his “damaged heart” was healed, and he went on to live a further 40 years, never seeing a doctor again, effortlessly creating a business fortune (which he gave away), and having launched this remarkable methodology that continues to thrive and proliferate today.

I found this a gift of a wisdom that was born here, presented in a way ideally suited for our times. Releasing is a simple but powerful way to tap our natural ability to LET GO. It’s about letting go of fear, anger and the negative feelings that plague us, not by will power, but by dissolving and outgrowing them. The ‘Releasing’ methods helps us tap in to our natural ability to let go of any painful, unwanted feeling in the moment, and to therefore radiate our natural capacity to be courageous, to manifest what we really, deeply want, and to be at peace, to be increasingly imperturbable.

I also learnt how to go far beyond the mind, and tap the capacity of our true innate capabilities, of our pure Beingness. After having experienced and tested the methods at the workshop and practicing it for over a week now, I can feel how effortless letting go is, I have been the most peaceful, and happiest I have ever been for a long time while experiencing unthinkable success.

Researching in to ‘purposeful living’ and having written over 30 blog posts over the past two years, my mind was quickly noticing how ‘Releasing’ helps purposeful living. As explored in this series, ‘purposeful living’ is about living a life of service to this world, using talents we are born with and developed through our experiences and struggles. It is about living by noble values and knowing what to say ‘yes’ to, when it is offered to us by the higher powers.

However, when we constantly want to have control, approval and safety, they elude us, because ‘wanting’ is not ‘having’. They are different energies. When we ‘want’ it blocks us ‘having’ it and the opportunities to serve and make this world a better place do not come to us naturally. In ‘Releasing’ we learn simple methods of releasing the want for control, approval and safety and choosing to have them. And this opens us to welcome the opportunities presented to us. A purpose is not a goal, but the ‘reason’ we aim for goals. Purpose is about ‘being’ and not ‘becoming’. Purpose is about ‘giving’ and ‘not wanting to ‘get’. Therefore, releasing helps all this to happen, it is about giving of our love to the world, it is about being happy about ‘having’ rather than ‘wanting’ and when we release these ‘wants’ we not only ‘have’ it, but more and still more of it comes to us. When that happens, it is important to release more. That creates space for more. It’s a continuous process.

While a good purpose needs to be based on noble values, negative emotions that we bottle up does not help us to live by such noble values. We learnt at the workshop to identify our deep seated emotions that are categorized under the acronym AGFLAP; the ascending order is a progression of these emotions from its lowest form; Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger and Pride. When we release apathy, we may experience grief and when we release grief we experience fear and so on. Then pride helps us to transition in to positive emotions categorized under the acronym CAP; courage, acceptance and peace. Interestingly we learnt to release even positive emotions such as peace, without repressing it, and that opened us up for more peace. Therefore ‘releasing’ helps us to naturally live by noble values.

A good purpose also articulates what we will say ‘yes’ to and that helps us know what we need to say ‘no’ to. When we release the wants, and welcome ‘having’, the appropriate opportunities come to us and since we are free of negative emotions and wants, it is easy to recognize and say ‘yes’ to the opportunities that helps us be purposeful.

As you see in this blog, Releasing is counter-logical and its similar to what we read in the holy bible where Jesus did everything in a counter logical way. So release ‘wanting to be logical and correct’ and experience freedom.

If you had not engage with this series before and are looking for your purpose, click on A Glimpse of our Purpose to start finding your ‘purpose’ or to renew your existing ‘purpose’. Ideas about how to live purposefully can be seen in the blog post; Building ourselves to be fit for purpose.Once a glimpse of the purpose is seen, it becomes easier to live purposefully and discovering  ‘releasing’ will make it effortless.

My blog post of the last seven months addressed the impact of violence, religion, politics, sports, professions, and stress on the lives of people and how to respond from the frame of purposefulness. We continue to explore purposefulness, this time in relation to ‘releasing’.

I hope this short blog post inspires you to find ways of making sense and dealing with experiences and struggles you encounter trying to live purposefully.

I wish you purposeful living!

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