Dealing With Negative Energy in Motion (e-motion)

We can make sense of emotions as e-motions or energy in motion. If the energy in motion in your being is positive it would create positive emotions and if the energy is negative, it creates negative emotions.

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Positive energy gets created with positive thoughts, memories, habits, actions, learnings, relationships, sounds, visions, soothing environments, fragrances and tastes etc. The reverse is also true.

When I realised that getting back home from Dhaka was going to be difficult, that my customers would postpone work assigned to me, having to be self-confined indoors to be safe from the virus and not been able to be with my family when they needed me created negative emotions.

In addition to the anxiety of not being in control of the unknown as well as physical comfort & safety, a part of these negative energy was generated when memories of the 2009 recession where I was struggling financially came back to my mind. Another part of these negative energy was generated when a negative habit of sleeping late and waking late, which I had eliminate some time ago returned. Thankfully I was equipped with tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to erase bad memories and giving up bad habits.

I eliminate bad memories by making a mental depiction of the bad memories of the 2009 depictions, adjusting what I saw by changing its colour, location, size, movement etc., adjusting what I heard by adding more positive music to the mental depiction and destroying it. As I was teaching this technique for over 20 years, using it in these conditions further strengthened my belief of this NLP tool.

With regard to the non-value adding habit of sleeping late and waking late, I used the NLP tool SWISH. Using this tool I made a mental depiction of what would happen to me in 5-years if I continue this habit. Then I made a positive depiction of what would would happen to me in 5-years if I give up the habits. Then I switch the two images about twenty times and make the positive depiction more and more powerful. While this process had immediate effect, the habit returned and I SWISHED every time it retuned.

This shows that we need to constantly work hard to deal with negative energy, using all the resources at our disposal, as the negative forces will provide us an uninterrupted supply of such negative energy. In addition to the above NLP techniques, other methods such as meditation, releasing, positive affirmations, prayer, compassion, exercise and taking doses of fresh air also helped me deal with the negative emotions.

I hope this helps you fight your negative energy. Please see detail of Mastery of Self through NLP and how to get a deeper experience in my website.

Wish you purposeful living.

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