Decluttering My Life this Pandemic

My Decluttered Home Work Space

Many things have been written about the impact of the pandemic, positive and negative. I have reflected on the pandemic from various view points in my blog posts over the past 10 months. I choose to share one aspect of the pandemic, decluttering my life.

I had developed the habit of filling all documents such as bank statements, a habit I learnt from my father. This was way before personal computers entered our life. Once computers arrived I was used to storing all files I created and received as well as emails that I thought would be required I the future. This habit started when I started working in 1982 and has been going on for the past 38 years. I realised my house, files, laptop as well as external connections were continuously getting filled up. Multiple computer crashes over the past few years has also resulted in my files getting scattered, lost, getting stored in to external drives etc. When we had decided to work from home 14 years ago many files, documents and books were shifted to my home office. Due to my extensive overseas travel that occurred about twice a month, I had not paid too much attention to the cluttering taking place. Perhaps my busy-ness prevented me from noticing the clutter and doing much about it.

After having got trapped in Bangladesh due to airport closures I finally arrived in Sri Lanka on the 24th of May and got home on the 8th of June after two weeks of quarantine. Meanwhile I had got busy doing online work and the need for decluttering did not occur. However things took a sharp turn when some of our windows that were open during a severe storm, broke for the pressure. We had a choice of repairing the broken windows or replacing all windows with French windows to let in more light and air. The transformation was amazing. My life too felt lighter and brighter. That made me realise the need for decluttering.

This was around September 2020 and since then it has been one clean up after the other. Throwing old cloths, furniture, kitchen utensils, files, books, machines, etc .etc. Every time we clear some thing there was more space. I re-modelled my home office space by bringing together all my work related items such as books, file and equipment that were essential. Furniture and walls got painted. By Christmas the entire house was so spacious, decluttered, bright, airy and my life felt the same. I had also de-cluttered my finances by doing some financial planning and got my customer service processes organised. This has resulted in almost no anxiety, high productivity and feeling alive as I worked at home and spent time with family. From the beginning of January I started focusing on my computer files and organised everything, removing duplicates, deleting loads of unnecessary files and putting old files that may be need in cloud storage.

As I write this I feel a feeling of total clarity, lightens, and aliveness. I plan to continue decluttering as things arise so that it becomes an integral part of life and I believe that will continue to give me space, clarity and energy to do the purposeful work I am called upon to do.

Wish you a decluttered life and purposeful living.

Dealing With Negative Energy in Motion (e-motion)

We can make sense of emotions as e-motions or energy in motion. If the energy in motion in your being is positive it would create positive emotions and if the energy is negative, it creates negative emotions.

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Positive energy gets created with positive thoughts, memories, habits, actions, learnings, relationships, sounds, visions, soothing environments, fragrances and tastes etc. The reverse is also true.

When I realised that getting back home from Dhaka was going to be difficult, that my customers would postpone work assigned to me, having to be self-confined indoors to be safe from the virus and not been able to be with my family when they needed me created negative emotions.

In addition to the anxiety of not being in control of the unknown as well as physical comfort & safety, a part of these negative energy was generated when memories of the 2009 recession where I was struggling financially came back to my mind. Another part of these negative energy was generated when a negative habit of sleeping late and waking late, which I had eliminate some time ago returned. Thankfully I was equipped with tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to erase bad memories and giving up bad habits. Continue reading “Dealing With Negative Energy in Motion (e-motion)”

Liberating Passion – Learning Video

Free Online Videos

Liberating Passion for Business Success by Omar Khan (9 mts) 

Helps understand how to liberate the suppressed passion of your team members to unlock the real potential, energy, creativity, agility, leadership and team work.  

Prime interview on “Business Success through Liberating Passion” on Channel News Asia

I hope this could be useful in providing online learning to your team during the current down time so that they would be kept positive, motivated and sharp so that all of you would be geared to perform with excellence during the crisis and after.

The following process can help you get good value from this video:

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Take a JUMP in to your purpose – Purpose of Living – Part 36

Jump-blogI have learnt that we keep discovering our higher purpose as we live life once we discover the notion of purpose and is conscious of its existence. This had got me in to the habit of reflecting, reviewing, refreshing and re-writing my purpose every month.
The first part of my current purpose statement is;

Inspire others to live a purposeful life based on their own evolving beliefs, values and methods.

This is based on my discovery of how my beliefs, values and methods evolved during my first-person inquiry and my discovery of how different people have different beliefs, values and methods that evolve as they attempt to live purposefully, during my second-person inquiry. First- and second-person inquiry are methods of action research that I adopt in my doctoral research into the notion of ‘purposeful living’. Continue reading “Take a JUMP in to your purpose – Purpose of Living – Part 36”

The Purpose of Family – Purpose of Living – Part 35

purpose and family
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It was not an easy decision to take 10 days off my busy schedule and travel to the other side of the planet to be with my sister for one of her milestone birthdays. It was not easy because I had to allocate time to respond to time demanded by my clients and team.

However, I made the decision, went through many challenges getting the visa because my busy travel schedule provided me only a small window to obtain the visa, worked long hours to clear as much work as possible so that I can be with the families of my sister and brothers during this time.

I am so glad that I made this decision to see the joy in my sisters face when I arrived at her door at 7am a few days ago, with my brother who picked me up from the Toronto Airport. I am so glad that I can spend time with the families of my brother and sister, catching up on their lives, sharing nostalgic moments, visiting interesting places, and spending quality time together.

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Take the best of 2015 to make the best of 2016 (part 1): The gratitude List

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As we wind up 2015 and start looking in to 2016, let me propose a few steps we can take to take the best of 2015 and make the best of 2016.


The first step I propose is a gratitude list. This is a list of all the people and happenings in 2015 that we can be grateful for. It is amazing how many great things happened to us and sometimes they go un-noticed or we take them for granted. A gratitude list helps us to recall them, reflect on them and record them. This activity will energize us to start looking at 2016 with more eagerness, more energy and more enthusiasm.


Here are a few items in my gratitude list. This is still been written and as I write it I remember more people and events I can be grateful for.


  • For Lord Jesus Christ for guiding, keeping and protecting me as I dealt with the various opportunities and challenges provided to me during the year.
  • For Lord Jesus Christ for giving us the opportunity and means to visit holy places in Italy (the Vatican, St Anthony’s shrine and other places of religious and historic interest) and to be able to take my mother and the family on this pilgrimage.
  • For my mother for always been there for me to share my challenges and success.
  • For my wife Jennifer for being the guardian angel to my 3 daughters during the year, specially when I had to be away from home serving my clients
  • For my wife Jennifer who managed all logistical aspects regard to my affairs in Sri Lanka, allowing me the space to focus on serving my clients.
  • To my eldest daughter Natasha for continuing to inspire me by balancing all her roles as a Phd candidate, As a mentor at Apple, as a teacher at the City University and as peace ambassador for the Olympic truce and doing all of them at an exceptionally high standard.
  • To my second daughter Menasha for excelling in her Masters studies in fashion marketing and being their with her sister and soul mate Natasha.
  • To my third daughter Radeesha for being so adorable and loving and for her wonderful culinary creations of cakes, pastries and what not.
  • To my senior partner Omar Khan for giving me a free hand to develop the business in this region and to lead my team serving our clients.
  • To my team members at Sensei during the year, Caroline, Ejaz, Fahim, Farzana, Florentina, Lester, Partho, Prarthana, Riaz, Siddeshwar, Tanzi, who helped in designing, developing and delivering our services to our clients.
  • To the clients of Sensei who trusted us with their most important asset, their people and gave us the opportunity to serve them.
  • For the faculty, batch mates, my supervisor Geoff and my Doctoral Support Group (Roger, Britta and Kavitha) of the Ashridge Doctorate in Organisational Change (ADOC) for being a part of a new journey of self discovery and learning deep in to the body of knowledge that gives me new ways of learning, thinking and serving the world.

I recommend you do your gratitude list and stay tuned in. I will be back with further guidance in helping you to do a spectacular transition from 2015 in to 2016.


Wish you purposeful living with happiness and excellence.


Ranjan De Silva