What is Your ‘Cookie Thief’ moment?

The Cookie Thief – A Poetic Story – Recited by Ranjan De Silva

I have experienced many ‘Cookie Thief Moment’ in my life. What about you? What was yours? What did you learn about your Beliefs, Attitudes and Values from that moments? Is there any over-due actions that must be taken now to respond to that moment. What ‘baby steps’ would you take to respond to the old ‘Cookie Thief Moment’ and prevent new ‘Cookie Thief Moments’ from happening?

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A Better Way to Sell – Learning Video

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Today’s learning video – for those selling anything or service anyone … thats everyone 


A Better Way to Sell (10 mts) by Ranjan De Silva

Helps you generate spectacular results by learning a better way to sell through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). We All sell ideas, our talents, our brand image, our professional practice & products etc. Find out a better way to sell to generate better results

I hope this could be useful in providing online learning to your team during the current down time so that they would be kept positive, motivated and sharp so that all of you would be geared to perform with excellence during the crisis and after.

The following process can help you get good value from this video:

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