Finding Purpose in giving – Purpose of Living – Part 23

purpose in giving - jan 19
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It’s interesting that the month of January 2019 was a month where I did as much free work as paid work. The first free assignment was to provide a keynote address at the new year celebration of a leading organisation in the insurance industry to inspire the staff of over 1000, who were gathered for the celebration, on the 1st of January. The second free assignment was to continue to help the administrators, parents and past pupils of my alma mater, St Anthony’s Collage, to take forward the strategic plan that I facilitated in formulating one year ago. The third free assignment was to help an important arm of the government of Sri Lanka to develop the leadership of a very important category of officials in becoming better leaders and making a better contribution for the development of the country. Continue reading “Finding Purpose in giving – Purpose of Living – Part 23”

Finding Purpose at Christmas – Purpose of Living – Part 22

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I wish you a Merry Christmas. In this season of Love, let’s give our love and kindness to all living beings with the intention of adding value to the process of life.

As I write this blog post, the first instalment of phase 3 of this series, on Christmas day, I feel it is appropriate to explore how we find purpose at Christmas. We explored the notion of purpose from various viewpoints in the first phase (ten blog posts) and then we attempted to understand the process of purposeful living in the second phase (eleven blog posts) of this series.  We now step in to the third phase of purposeful living that deals with practical aspects of living a purposeful life.

While a lot of effort goes in to dressing up for Christmas, in terms of our homes, our clothes, our social media pages and our websites, it would be appropriate to find out the purpose, reason or intention behind this dressing up? I believe purposeful living is being joyous, learning from our struggles, living with noble values and being of service to our world.

Perhaps the external dressing up can contribute to our joy to some extent if it is done within our means, in a manner that it does not make others feel deprived and in a manner, it does not harm our spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relational, physical, financial, ecological and social aspects of life. Another, perhaps more important aspect is the inner peace and joy we gain through prayer, mediation, giving and kindness to all living beings. While being of service to life, we may struggle, especially when we give from what is required to fulfil our basic needs, result in discomfort. But the joy derived from this is of another kind.

Perhaps this is the bigger reason behind Christmas. Finding a glimpse of our purpose or finding more clarity through real joy, struggles, sacrifice and being of service.

I will dedicate this new phase of this series on ‘purposefulness’ to address living issues and struggles related to purposeful living.

Wish you love, happiness and success through purposeful living this Christmas season.