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Today’s learning video – for Senior Leaders


Coaching for Success by Omar Khan (11 mts)

Helps understand how to coach senior leaders and the ‘unique value’ that will be produced by the breakthrough that can be achieve. The process includes 360 evaluations, behavioural change deliverables, performance improvement projects, coaching communities, monthly tracking, reporting and ongoing course-correction interactions

I hope this could be useful in providing online learning to your senior leaders during the current down time so that they would be kept positive, motivated and sharp so that all of you would be geared to perform with excellence during the crisis and after.

You can watch this alone or learn with others in-room or Online.

The following process can help you get good value from this video:

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Team’s that Learn Together, Sticks Closer and Work Better

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In my blog post on the 7th of May 2014 titled ‘How great is your team?’ I promised to go into details of the 11 different aspects that make a great team. The first nine aspects regarding Burning Platforms, Team Alignment Around Critical Goals, Clearly Agreed Way of Working, A Great Decision Making Process, Information Flow is Encouraged, Great Leaders Don’t Mince Their Words’, Positive Crisis, Great Conversations, and Radical Conversations, have already been posted in this blog. Here is the Tenth installment; Team Learning.

Team’s, who learn together, stick closer and work better. While we learn every moment of our life, including when at work, great teams have planned processes to create that learning inside and outside the workplace.

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