Preparing for a fruitful 2017

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2016 is almost over and I hope you made good progress during the year. Some of us would say it was an awesome year, some would say it was an average year and some others would say it was not a good year!  The best we can do is to use the learning from 2016 so that we can make 2017 a better one.

I am pleased to present a simple four-step process to help you prepare for a fruitful 2017.

Step 1: Let’s start by doing this simple reflective exercise to take the resources from 2016 for a better 2017. Answer the following question in writing or in an artful form such as a picture, poem, collage, structure etc.

  1. What were my biggest successes in 2016? What did I learn from it?
  2. What were my biggest failures in 2016? What did I learn from it?
  3. Who am I grateful for 2016?  (Those who helped me and was tough on me)

Once the above is done, allow some time for the energy and learnings to settle in before starting the preparation for 2017.

Step 2: Prepare an inspirational plan. This can be done individually, with your family or with your team.

  1. List down three big goals you [or family or team] would like to achieve in 2017.
  2. List the attitude changes you need to achieve the 3 big goals. Some of the learning from last year can help in deciding on this. e.g.: I need to be more tolerant this year as people are not perfect.
  3. List the belief changes you need in order to achieve the 3 big goals. e.g.: I believe my team has untapped talent that can be used for our success.
  4. List behaviour changes you need in the areas of body, brain, being, relationships, and finance. e.g. I will sleep by 11 pm and wake up by 6 am.

Step 3: The following action will ensure the above plans are implemented in a beneficial manner.

  1. Illustrating – Draw a picture, record a speech or make a prototype of your behaviour changes from step 4 above. Make it fun, exciting and inspiring.
  2. Experiencing – Mentally experience the actions/behaviours you plan for the day by creating a rich multi-sensory depiction (see, hear, feel, taste & smell).
  3. Implementing – Implement the actions/behaviours as planned. Get them done as early as possible before the pressures of the day start taking your attention away.
  4. Reflect – reflect on the key moments during the day by writing down the; description, feelings/thinking, what was good & bad, sense you can make, alternate action that could have been taken, how to respond the next time.
  5. Energize – celebrate successes and resolve to do better in areas that were neglected or done below satisfaction to energize your family, team and you.

Step 4: Do a monthly review of the plans and achievement and take steps to build on the successes and make up for any short falls the next month.

These steps will help you to be more purposeful [by setting goals and a balanced set of actions], you enlist and engage the passion of your self, family and team [by agreeing on and improving attitudes and beliefs in the process] and you are disciplined [by following the methodical plan recommended]. While this plan is based on 3 big goals, it will set the foundation and energize your family, your team and yourself to take other action that needs to be taken successfully as well.

Use reminder methods using your computers, smart devices or simple post-it notes to ensure you are reminded to take action and be on track.

We are all destined to succeed. We are geared for success. Lets make it real.

Wish you a fruitful 2017!

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