Do You Find Passion or Does Passion Find You?

Inspirational speeches and interviews by Jeff Bezos

As you listen to this compilation of speeches and interviews of Jeff Bezos reflect on what makes you passionate and what you can you do to allow passion find me?

Masterminds – Impacting Lives

A powerful conversation between masterminds Arthie Moore, Jan Roberts and Coach Kamrul Hasan,  all three John Maxwell certified professionals, exploring how Masterminds can impacts our success if we choose to engage with their learnings.

The following process can be used to create a learning experience for your team using this video.

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Preparing for a fruitful 2017

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2016 is almost over and I hope you made good progress during the year. Some of us would say it was an awesome year, some would say it was an average year and some others would say it was not a good year!  The best we can do is to use the learning from 2016 so that we can make 2017 a better one.

I am pleased to present a simple four-step process to help you prepare for a fruitful 2017.

Step 1: Let’s start by doing this simple reflective exercise to take the resources from 2016 for a better 2017. Answer the following question in writing or in an artful form such as a picture, poem, collage, structure etc.

  1. What were my biggest successes in 2016? What did I learn from it?
  2. What were my biggest failures in 2016? What did I learn from it?
  3. Who am I grateful for 2016?  (Those who helped me and was tough on me)

Once the above is done, allow some time for the energy and learnings to settle in before starting the preparation for 2017.
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Programming the Mind for an Amazing 2015

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Let’s make 2015 a ‘Wow Project’! In fact let’s make it the best project of our life so far.

We prepare our mind for success and failure based on how we programme, condition and prepare it. A positive mind will activate the ‘Reticular Activating System’ [RAS] to experience [see, hear, feel, smell, taste] positive situations if we are looking for it and open to it. Therefore if you are looking for the ideal ‘Masters Degree’ to pursue in 2015, once you see, hear and feel yourself enjoying pursuing the masters degree successfully in your mind, your brain will filter and pick up ides for the ‘Masters Degree’ from the millions of stimuli bombarding us every second of our life.

Therefore let me share with you a process that has helped me, to help you make 2015 the best ‘Wow Project’ of your life.

I hope you have followed the guidelines given in my previous blog to take the resources from 2014 to energise 2015. Click here if you need to access it. Review your success inventory 2014 and failure inventory 2014 from the earlier blog referred to above, when doing the following exercise.

Planning ‘Wow Project 2015’

The first step is to come up with an inspirational plan. This can be done individually, with your family [Family Wow Project 2015] or with your team [Team Wow Project 2015].

Step 1: List down three big goals you [or your family or your team] would like to achieve in 2015.

Step 2: List the attitude changes you need in each of the following areas: physical wellbeing, knowledge & skills, values that create a positive spirit, relationships, management of time, allocation of resources [funds, talent & physical resources] in order to achieve the three big gaols. E.g. new knowledge is important for me to do new things to achieve my goals for 2015.

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Gearing up for an Amazing 2014

ImageNew years every year brings so much hope to so many people. This is the time we think of giving up bad habits and making a fresh start. Most people take a fresh step with a good intention, only to find themselves slipping back to their old habits very quickly.

The reason for this is because such efforts are not supported by a bigger purpose. The reason for this is because such efforts are not done with the enlistment of the deeper subconscious mind. The reason for this is because such efforts do not have a disciplined approach.

Given below are a few simple steps that can help you to gear up for an amazing 2014.

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