Loving is Purposeful Growth

Image Credits: Dreamtime.com

The notion of Love is perhaps one of the most complex.

I like to define ‘love’ as the act of helping someone to grow to their fullest potential, even if it is inconvenient to me. Growing to our fullest potential starts with baby steps.

The potential of a seed is the fruit. The seed needs watering before it turn in to a plant. The plant needs water, air, sunlight and fertiliser to become the tree. The tree needs continuous nurturing to become the fruit. Converting the seed to a fruit requires help that is inconvenient to the nurturer. Continue reading “Loving is Purposeful Growth”

A Million Pieces – Soul Nourishing Poem

Soul Nourishing Poems






A Million Pieces – Recited by Jon Jorgenson

We all have felt broken, let down, and practically shattered to pieces specially during this pandemic. How do you build yourself back up from such a low point? In this inspirational poem, Jon Jorgenson talks about how there is beauty to be found in every downfall. This poem is for Anyone going through a trial of any kind.

I hope this could be useful in nourishing your soul with hope, aspiration, positivity and confidence to deal with the present and gear up for the future.

Please feel free to share this poem with others who can benefit and communicate with me if you would like to share your thoughts.