Taking a Break – Is it Purposeful Behaviour?

Image Credits: Humanperformancepsychology.com

I decided to take a break from social media, blogging, tweeting and newsletter writing during October. This is partly to allow my mind to settle down and rest after the extensive online work done in the past 6 months from April to September. It is also due to my calendar getting filled with corporate sessions for clients in UAE, Africa, Solomon Islands. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  

On the personal side, it was my second daughter’s wedding which gave us a lot of joy and I needed to release myself from work for this important life event.  We also had two other wedding anniversaries and four birthdays in the family during the month. It looks like October (my birth month) is becoming a month of family celebrations and this perhaps would be the month I take time off from work in the years to come. 

During the six months from April to September I wrote a blog post and shared it through my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts every day religiously. I ensured this was done even at late at night. It was an inner compulsion and I felt that not keeping to this ritual was letting myself down. This helped me to share learnings with my various networks, providing me the satisfaction of helping others during this time of need. I also felt it was a purposeful activity; helping others find and live purposefully.

Perhaps due to these purposeful activities, a stream of inquiries for commercial work started flowing in, resulting in my calendar getting filled up from about July. By October the workload coupled with the personal commitments did not give me any space to continue my daily blogging etc. Therefore I was almost compelled to take a break from blogging and social media in October. While I was a bit concerned about not being able to continue blogging and social media, the feeling receded when I start enjoying the freedom and spending family time while fulfilling the corporate bookings I had taken up.

This experience made me realise that taking a break was in fact purposeful as it helped me in my spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, financial, and physical aspects in addition to the indirect ecological benefit.

Taking the learnings from this experience, I have decided to find a middle path. Therefore, from November onwards I will be writing a weekly blog post under four themes; PURPOSE QUEST, SOUL NOURISHING POEMS, QUOTES FOR REFLECTION and LEARNINGS THAT MATTER, instead of the daily blog post. The weekly newsletter will now be reduced to a monthly newsletter. This will help me to to find time for my family, myself and commercial work, in addition to making a contribution to make this world a better place.

I hope this post would help you make sense of realities faced by you and find the ideal balance in response to the call of the higher powers.

Wishing you purposeful living.

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