The Purpose of the Pandemic – Purpose of Living – Part 37

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We are all in some way affected by the Covid-19 virus and wondering how it is going to affect our lives. Many of the conversations I read are about the materialistic impact such as health, economy, jobs, livelihood, etc. This is real and we need to first accept the reality and respond to it. The response needs to be at different levels; global bodies like the World bank and World Health Organisation, governments, business organisations, NGO’s, social groups, communities and individuals. It is heartening to see this happening at different levels, although much more still needs to be done. Once some of these immediate realities are responded to it could help to reflect on the bigger purpose of the pandemic.

The bigger purpose, as I see, is to remind us that this planet belongs to all forms of life, not just to human beings. It is reminding us that our purpose is not to just enrich ourselves but learn to co-exist with each other and other living beings. We are one eco-system, one life process and there needs to be balance. When we humans try to violate the principles of nature, the creator of nature, the universal energy system will act to bring about the balance. The religious will argue that it is God almighty and not the universal energy system. This is true if you prefer to look at this from a religious paradigm because God did create the universal energy system and is using it to preserve life.

We have seen the beautiful videos of how families are closer, having lovely conversations, playing board games, and watching movies together. We see people helping each other, the rich helping those that are having financial difficulties, the poorer using their talents to harvest the crops and deliver to others who need it, healthcare workers caring for the sick, security forces and law enforcement officers maintaining quarantine centres and providing security, banks and utility companies postponing payment due dates and rescheduling loans. There is a lot of compassion and love visible. The pandemic is liberating these human values and reigniting the consciousness of the need to coexist. We see less air, sea and road transport thereby having less air pollution, we see less people on the roads and parks making room for other living beings to roam freely.

At a higher level the eco-system is gradually regaining its balance. It is also educating us that we don’t have to travel to communicate or pay bills or do our shopping. It is educating us that social distancing is useful. It is educating us that we can stop spreading germs by not sneezing or coughing out in the open and by washing our hands regularly. It is educating us that we can work from home and still be productive. It is creating new ways of living and new professions and businesses such as online selling, home delivery, video conferencing, mobile money transfers to support the new way of living. Perhaps the universe helped us created IT infrastructure, the internet; mobile devices; mobile apps etc., before the pandemic to help us learn to live in a manner that helps maintain the eco system.

The important question to all of us to ask, if this is the higher purpose of the pandemic, how can we respond to it positively? This will be discussed in my next blog post.

Meanwhile stay safe and productive while reflecting on the higher purpose of the pandemic and how it is serving you.

I wish you purposeful living!

3 thoughts on “The Purpose of the Pandemic – Purpose of Living – Part 37

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  2. Chamira De Livera

    I strongly agree with the points you made. It is the universe/eco-system does all the things based on things we do. If you do a good thing you will get a good result and vice versa. As per the Load Buddha’s teachings there is a principle call “Dittadhammavedaneeya Karma”.


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