Variety is the Spice of Life

Soul Nourishing Poems

Over the past two months I switched to a daily blog from the monthly blog I used to write. This was prompted by the pandemic and lockdowns that provided me the opportunity to spend more time indoors and online.

Learnings that Matter

I initially started with online learning videos and soul nourishing poems to share my life work for those needed to learn and those looking for inspiration while being at home.

Quotes for Reflection

Thereafter I introduced quotes for reflection and yesterday I added motivational speeches. Some of this work is from others who have inspired me, some from my colleagues and some my own presentations.

Inspirational Speeches

As I was reflecting on the purposefulness of my life yesterday, my mind went on to the online work I am doing. Something from within prompted me to expand my contribution to have one type of blog everyday of the week.

Songs for Growth

That prompted me to think of other types of work that inspired. Music and Art were two other areas that came to my mind and therefore I decided to experiment with ‘Songs for Growth’ and ‘Pictures the Speak’.

Pictures that speak

I needed one more. What is the seventh category? And then, ‘Purpose’ which is the core philosophy of my life, that I have been writing for the past 4 years, but have not focused too much on over the past 2 months popped in to my mind. Yes I miss writing those ‘purposeful living’ blogs. So the seventh category became ‘Purpose’ Quest’.

purpose quest-1

I invite you to join me in exploring the wonders of life through these seven categories. I welcome comments, feedback , life experiences, ideas and questions from you so that we can create ripples that makes this world a better place.

Using 2014 to energize us for an amazing 2015!

Learnings from 2014
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We are not equal to our past; we are the resources we bring forth. Yes, the past is gone, we need to leave it where it belongs, and however we need to also take the resources from the past to energise our future.

We all started the past year with fresh hope for our families, our teams and ourselves. We planned to make the New Year the most spectacular year of all. Some of us were able to build on success and continuously improve to achieve and even surpass what we set out to achieve. Some others may have started off with great plans and found it fizzle off really fast.

The best we can do is to derive energy from the last year to gear up for a great 2015. This requires us building on the successes and take learning’s from areas that could have been better.

Given below is a few simple steps that can help you to gear up for an amazing 2014.

This can be done individually, as a family or with your team.

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Obstacles: Love them, Hug them!


I had the fortune of meeting a Managing Director [MD] of a large group of companies many years ago and about a year ago, over a dinner he was sharing some of the challenges faced by his organizations. Since organizational challenges excites me and gets my creative juices flowing I guided him with some initial steps to over come them.

Later on he had requested me for a proposal to carry out a culture transformation in his organization. After having given the proposal we were not able to formalize an assignment as various challenges were coming our way.

Firstly he wanted to hire an experienced CEO for the organization and that took time. However I continue to guide him and was also giving him guidance in the process. Later on once the new CEO was hired, he had his own viewpoints about bringing in an external consultant and our assignment further delayed.

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